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Fees and Charges


Hong Kong Market Securities Transaction

Brokerage Minimum: HK$100.00
Stamp Duty 0.1% (round up to the nearest dollar)
Transaction Levy 0.0027%
Trading Fee 0.005%
CCASS Fee 0.004%
(minimum: HK$2, maximum: HK$300)


Shanghai ● Shenzhen-Hong Kong Securities Transaction (CNY)

Brokerage Minimum: $100.00
Handling Fee 0.00487%
Securities Management Fee 0.002%
Transfer Fee 0.004%
Stamp Duty 0.1% (Applicable to selling transaction only)


Custody Service

SH-HK and SZ-HK Portfolio Fee 0.008% (accured daily, collected monthly)
Stock Custody Fee Per Board/Odd Lot: HK$0.10
6 Months Basis (June & December)
Dividend Collection Fee 1) 0.3% (minimum: HK$30.00)
2) 0.12% (CCASS Fee)
Scrip Dividend Residual Dividend
Script Fee Per Board / Odd Lot: HK$1.50
(for collection on book close dates)


Settlement Charges

Stock Deposit Fee Free
Transfer Deed Each: HK$5.00
Physical Stock Withdrawal Per Board/Odd Lot: HK$5 (min.: HK$50)
Settlement Instruction (S.I./I.S.I.)
0.01% (minimum: HK$50, maximum: HK$200)
(deposit via FOP: Free)
Stock Transfer
   (for same beneficial owner only)
Each Stock: HK$30.00
(Internal Only)
Exercise Rights/Warrants/Open Offer 1) Each Lot: HK$1.00
2) Handling Charge: HK$50.00
Corporate Action
   (Cash Offer, Privatization)
1) Gross Amount X 0.25% (minimum: HK$100.00)
2) CCASS Fee Each Lot: HK$0.8
3) Stamp Duty (if applicable)
Deposit Jumbo Certificate 1) Each Stock: HK$100.00
2) CCASS Fee Each Certificate: HK$2.50
Securities Default on Settlement Date T+2 1) No. of Shares x T+2 closing price x 0.1%
   (minimum: HK$50.00)
2) CCASS Fee:
No. of Shares x T+2 closing price 0.5%


Other Charges

Registration Fee 1) Each Lot: HK$4.00 (minimum: HK$50.00)
2) Registrar Fee Each Lot: HK$2.50
Inactive Accout HK$100 (annual charge on 2 January)
Application for New Shares via Kingston HK$100.00
Claims on Unclaim of Dividend/Bonus Shares 1) Handling Charge: HK$300.00
2) CCASS and Registrar Fee: HK$400.00
Bounced Cheque 1) Handling Charge: HK$100.00
2) Accrued Interest
Stop Payment Each: HK$100.00
Fund Transfer by CHATS Each Transaction – Hong Kong: HK$100.00
Oversea: HK$300.00 – HK$500.00
Request for copy of Statement Each copy: HK$5.00 (minimum: HK$50.00)
Audit Confirmation HK$150.00
Subject to change without notice.                                                                             Effective: 5 December 2016